Fairy Tales Re-told

Another list of books, today re-tellings of fairy tales.   This is one of my favorite types of fantasy novels.  I’m grouping them by author, since all of these writers have multiple books that would fit and I can’t pick one.

Robin McKinley: My favorite of hers is Beauty followed by Rose Daughter, but then I love Beauty and the Beast.

Mercedes Lackey:  She has two series of fairy tale stories, Elemental Masters which take place in an alternate Edwardian England, and Five Hundred Kingdoms which take place in an alternate world.   I like the Five Hundred Kingdoms better since they’re closer to the original stories, but I think I’m in the minority.

Gail Carson Levine:  I’m not sure I have a favorite of hers.  They’re for a younger crowd than the first two writers, which means I read them very fast.  I remember taking a bunch of the Princess Tales series out from the library one summer because I liked the way they looked together. 

Jessica Day George: I’ve just recently discovered her.  I started with Princess of the Midnight Ball since it has knitting in it, then went on to the Dragon Slippers books, which aren’t quite fairy tales, but are still good.

And finally, one fairy tale related blog I’ve started reading recently http://surlalunefairytales.blogspot.com/  Lots of news on upcoming fairy tale releases in books and movies and television


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