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Another post on The Wizard at Pembrook, this one on names.  Names usually take a long time for me to figure out; I almost never know what a character is called when I first meet them.  Once I get to know the character, I find out what they’re called.  In The Wizard at Pembrook, once I realised that this story reminded me of Jane Eyre, I was able to get the names.

Janet is one of the names from Jane Eyre.  Mr. Rochester called Jane that a lot, sort of a pet name, and I thought Pembrook house had a similar vibe to Thornfield Hall.  Wrenford just seemed to suit her.

Lord Fairfax is also Jane Eyre, after Edward Fairfax Rochester.  And Arthur was his first name so that’s what I called him.  Some names just fit some characters, I think they come with the name.

I called Etienne “stranger” in the first several scenes with him (one of  the first scenes I wrote was meeting him on the bridge, so I knew him very early on.)  When I was ready to name him, I was still thinking of him as “the stranger”.  French for stranger is “étranger” and that turned into Etienne.

I just sort of came up with the name Pembrook, I knew that’s what the house was called, so that’s what I called it.  It’s pretty obvious that it was influenced by Pemberly, but a little Mr. Darcy is always a good thing.

Chapters from The Wizard at Pembrook

The Wizard at Pembrook has a release date!  The e-book at least will be out Tuesday, September 13.  Hopefully the paperback version will be out the same day; if not, it will be soon after.   I’ve made a lot of updates to my website with more info, and the first three chapters are up there too.   The book trailer is in this post and on my site.

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