Random Links

I was hoping to have something else done for this week, but it isn’t.  Instead, here are a few links to things I’ve been interested in lately (probably part of the reason I didn’t finish what I was supposed to 🙂   Some of these you’ve probably seen other places, I’m usually a bit behind.

Joy of Books on YouTube.  I wish I could remember who’s blog I saw this video on (I know I meant to bookmark it) but it’s great stop-motion animation of what books get up to when we’re not watching.  Even though I finally bought a Kindle (thanks to a crazy black Friday sale at Target) I don’t think it will ever replace paper books for me.

Disney Princesses in Real Life.  Photo-manipulated portraits of Disney Princesses.  This one’s been around for a little while, but it’s gets added to every so often.  I think they might be more amazing now that I know they’re photo manipulation, not painted.

Michael Jackson Immortal.  Soundtrack to the Cirque de Soleil show (link goes to Amazon).  I bought this right when it came out (I knew I’d buy it sooner or later, may as well get it on release week sale) then put it aside, after all I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the originals (yes, I still buy cd’s of albums I really want for the pictures, the liner notes, and most of all, the lyrics)  I was in a music store (yes, they do still have those, although this one was closing) and I heard the track for Childhood, which was already one of my favorites, but adding him speaking actually made it better.  But my favorite of his quotes is in the beginning of the Mime Segment.  I don’t think you can hear them in the sound clips though, which is too bad.

Les Carnets de Miss Clara (Found via Sur la Lune fairy tale blog.)  Site of a French artist who does beautiful illustrations using detailed paper models and photography.  The site is in French, but even if you don’t understand the words, the pictures are well worth looking at.  My favorites quickly are the illustrations she did for Twelve Dancing Princesses (Le Bal des Douze Princesses, about 3/4 of the way down, in May, first one has blue gowns)

Downton Abbey.  I’ve gotten hooked again, although I like the first season better, before the War.  I wish they had stayed in that world a little longer.


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