New Cover- Maybe

So far still on schedule to have this out next month.  I’m closer to having a cover.  I’m not sure this is the final one, but it’s getting there.  Mainly unsure on the font.


I know if I try to give a firm date, something will go wrong, so for now, Mirror on the Wall is coming out next month.


My Next Book


Early test/draft of what Snow will probably look like on the cover.

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog, but I’ve been concentrating on finishing my next book. It’s a novella (about 70 pages) and will probably be called Mirror on the Wall, and yes, it’s a Snow White story. Here’s a bit from the afterward I wrote:

When I decided to write this story, Snow White seemed to be turning up everywhere, but at a glance (and all I’ve seen so far is a glimpse of her in the trailers from the two films coming out), Snow doesn’t seem to be very much herself in them. Both movies look interesting, and I’m loving the show Once Upon a Time, but I wanted to see if I could make her interesting while sticking close to the character in the original story, no comedy, no action, no fairy tale mash-ups, just Snow White on her journey to grow up.

I think I managed to stay close to Snow White herself, but I did end up changing other things. I added a lot of characters, which wasn’t surprising since this story is much longer than the original tales.

And then there be spoilers 🙂  

So when will it be released? That is the question. Soon. It’s almost ready for final proofreading, then I have to format it. I was really hoping for this month, but next month might be more realistic. It will probably be ebook only for a little while, then I can give myself a little more time for the print formatting, which I think is easier, but also more nit-picky, or maybe that’s just me; I still like print books better. I am considering putting it in Amazon select for the minimum 90 days, which means the ebook would only be available on Amazon for 90 days, but I could make it free for five of those days. I’ve heard a lot of people having a lot of success with it, so I’m curious, and the next thing I’m planning on working on would not be a good candidate for it.


A very early test of what a cover might look like, although the final one will probably look nothing like this.


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