New fairy tale ebooks out

I have four new fairy tale ebooks out!   That’s why I haven’t been posting here; I’ve been writing.  It’s also why there was a such a delay in the print version of Mirror on the Wall; I had to decide how I was going to do the whole lot of them.   You can get all the links and info on my web page here.  They’re ebook only now, but I just ordered proof copies of the print books, so early next month they should all be out in print.  The individual stories will be available in print on Amazon only (has to do with the lower fees from Createspace on Amazon sales; I’d have to charge more than I want to if they went into expanded distributions) and the print collection of all five together will be available anyplace that wants to sell it.  Here are the covers.

I probably won’t be posting much for while since I have three new projects I’m deciding between, so I’ll be doing announcement only posts for a while longer.

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