I’ve returned

I did not mean to be away for so long, but quite a lot of non-writing stuff happened (everything Cassie Pengear Killing at the Carnival coverfrom annoying changes in the day-job to being able to do a bit of travelling).  Now I am getting back into publishing (I never really stopped writing).  The first books I’m getting out are steampunk cozy mysteries, so I decided to use a slightly different name.  L. A. Nisula.  I bet you would have figured out that was me anyway.  The series is called Cassie Pengear Mysteries and you can find out more about them on my new web page http://lanisula.com  The ebook is slowly getting published everywhere, and the print version will be out early next month.  I’ll be posting the links to the various retailers on the other site as they come online.  I did want to give you something for waiting so long, so here is a coupon code for Smashwords.com which will make the book free if you buy it there (normally it’s $.99 since it’s the first in the series)  The code is SF87U and it’s good until the end of January.  The sequel to it is done, I’m just waiting to make certain there are no glitches with this release before I start uploading it.

my web page is www.lisaannenisula.com copyright 2010, 2011 Lisa Anne Nisula
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