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Ella and the Panther's Quest book cover

After a terrible day, Ella Peterson goes to the library to escape in a book. Instead she literally ends up in another world after being taken through an enchanted mirror by a footstool. On the other side, she finds a panther trapped in a cage. He is waiting for a hero to free him and help him reach the cursed castle he can see through the prison window. Ella is taken home and the first opportunity, but, unable to ignore the panther’s sad eyes, Ella packs up her knitting bag with what she thinks she’ll need for a journey in a strange land, and goes back through the mirror to find a way to free the panther and help him on his quest.

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Fantasy Kingdom XXI book cover

It all started when Charles unwrapped the hand knit sweater his aunt got him for his thirteenth birthday. He was much more interested in the copy of Fantasy Kingdom XXI video game his parents gave him. He even convinced him mom to let him start playing right away. And that’s when he met Bobble the sprite and learns the sweater is enchanted, gets kidnapped by a giant, and brought to another world like those in his favorite video games. He is drawn into a quest to rescue a princess, only to find King Regulous’s castle, and his way home, have been overrun by the enemy. With Bobble, Phichorian the bard, Princess Melissina, and Sir Amertious of the King’s Guard, he travels through the new world, meeting a hermit, dragons and scholars, searching for a way to free the castle and get home.

Read the first three chapters here. 

Janet Wrenford had an ordinary life, living in the capital with her sister and brother-in-law and working as a secretary, until she was offered a job as assistant to the wizard Lord Fairfax at Pembrook. Now she’s living in a mysterious house, surrounded by magic, and possibly being followed by a stranger. Can she unravel the secrets of the wizard at Pembrook? Illustrated, print version 350 pages


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Eight-year-old Princess Snow White saw her father murdered at dinner. At thirteen, she is the one in danger in this traditional re-telling of the Snow White tale. novella, approx 80 pages, illustrated

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