Another Book Trailer

I am now all caught up on book trailers.  That’s right, I’ve finished one for Ella and the Panther’s Quest.  So I now need to write some more books 🙂  Here it is.

Book Trailer for Fantasy Kingdom XXI

Here it is- the book trailer for Fantasy Kingdom XXI.  Enjoy!

Chapters from The Wizard at Pembrook

The Wizard at Pembrook has a release date!  The e-book at least will be out Tuesday, September 13.  Hopefully the paperback version will be out the same day; if not, it will be soon after.   I’ve made a lot of updates to my website with more info, and the first three chapters are up there too.   The book trailer is in this post and on my site.

Book Trailer for The Wizard at Pembrook

Here it is; the book trailer for The Wizard at Pembrook.

I hope you liked it.   I may upload a higher resolution version, but I didn’t want to slow down anyone’s computer. 

If you were curious (I was when I was getting ready to make this) I used Daz Studio 3 for the animations and put it together in Windows Movie Maker.  The music is from

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