Photos of the Cathedral St. Gatien de Tours, France

I promised pictures of the Cathedral St.-Gatien, and here they are.  When I was there, the cathedral was in mid-restoration (it seems like something’s always mid-restoration when I’m there), so I got to watch the masons cutting stone to replace what needed replacing, which was interesting, and I took this picture of a sign explaining the history of the area.

The cathedral is not near the old city, it’s actually on the other side of the Rue Nationale, which runs through the center of town. On one of the walking tours I took, they told us that the Rue Nationale was originally the Rue Royale, or Royal Road, in English it’s usually called the King’s Highway. During the Revolution, when they got rid of all signs of the monarchy, all towns that had part of the Rue Royal re-named them Rue Nationale.

But back to the cathedral. The old parts of Tours are split into two areas. The part with Place Plumereau and the remains of the Abby of St Martin, which was a pilgrimage site, was the economic area; the cathedral and chateau were in the old Roman walled city. Between them were vineyards and fields.

The cathedral is named Cathedral St. Gatien, after the first bishop of Tours. The first building there was built in the 4th century; the cathedral was built in parts from the 12th through the 16th, so there are a lot of different styles of Gothic architecture. The area around the doors (which seems like the front, but is really the back- the area around the altar is the front) is flamboyant style, with lots of carving, which is why I have lots of pictures of it.

The towers are French Renaissance style. You can see by the scaffolding in the first picture, they were part of the restoration, so I didn’t get to see much of them.

Behind the cathedral is what used to be the bishop’s residence. Now it’s the art museum.  I’ll see if I can find some pictures for next time.  And here’s an update on the picture I was messing about with in Daz Studio.  Ella and the Panther. 

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