New cover for Ella

I’m considering a new cover for Ella and the Panther’s Quest to make it fit in better with my later books. Right now it’s only on the ebooks and slowly rolling out. I’m not completely sure this is the final version, which is why it’s going slowly. Once I’m certain, I’ll change the print version too.

This is the new cover at the moment.
Ella and the Panther's Quest new cover

Let me know what you think.

New Cover- Maybe

So far still on schedule to have this out next month.  I’m closer to having a cover.  I’m not sure this is the final one, but it’s getting there.  Mainly unsure on the font.


I know if I try to give a firm date, something will go wrong, so for now, Mirror on the Wall is coming out next month.


New Book Cover

I am almost done with The Wizard at Pembrook.  I’m in the final round of edits and I’ve been working on getting the cover done.  Here’s two possibilities I’ve been toying with, but I’m not sure which one I like better.

The text is just a place holder.  Once I decide which one I’ll use, I’ll get the title sorted out.   Any opinions on which is better?

Writing updates

I was going to post about the cathedral in Tours since I found pictures of it, but, as you can see, that didn’t happen, partly because I got swamped at work, partly because I sat down and actually started on my taxes.  But I did get a lot of editing done on Wizard of Pembrook, so it may actually be ready to come out in the spring, which is what I’ve been telling people.  Of course, when I said that, I thought I was being all Scotty (say it will take twice as long so they’re impressed when it’s done ahead of schedule.

A rough idea of what Ella and the panther look like

The rest of the time I was messing around with learning to use Daz Studio.  I may use it for book covers.  That’s one of my early renders.

What my next book looks like now. Sticky notes are my friends!

So, next time will be the Cathedral St Gatien in Tours.

Actual books are ready!

The paperback versions of my books are up on Amazon!  Very exciting for me.  The front covers are the same as the ebook versions.  Here are the back covers:

Fantasy Kingdom XXI back cover 

Fantasy Kingdom XXI.  The text is the same as the summary on the books page here.  Mainly more of the trees from the front cover.  If you were curious, the front cover image has Amertious’s sword, the smaller sword he taught Charles with (that’s the one on the ground), Phichorian’s mandolin and hat (he travels with a lot of instruments, that was the one that looked best in the picture), Bobble’s knitting, and Melissina’s crown.   I was going to use Melissina’s sword instead, but there were already too many of those scattered around and it wouldn’t have looked right.  Interesting bit of a fact, someone I knew who did re-enactments told me you never stick the point of your sword in the ground like they sometimes show in movies, bad for the point and gets it covered in germs which is not good if you accidentally cut someone later, although probably not a worry if you were fighting them for real.

Ella and the Panther's Quest back cover

Ella and the Panther’s Quest.  Again the same text as on the books page here.  Then there’s the door in the hedge from about halfway through the book, and the window from the panther’s prison that Ella sees in the first chapter.  The front cover has the panther and the footstool and Ella’s knitting.

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