Book Trailer for Fantasy Kingdom XXI

Here it is- the book trailer for Fantasy Kingdom XXI.  Enjoy!

Chapters from The Wizard at Pembrook

The Wizard at Pembrook has a release date!  The e-book at least will be out Tuesday, September 13.  Hopefully the paperback version will be out the same day; if not, it will be soon after.   I’ve made a lot of updates to my website with more info, and the first three chapters are up there too.   The book trailer is in this post and on my site.

Writing updates

I was going to post about the cathedral in Tours since I found pictures of it, but, as you can see, that didn’t happen, partly because I got swamped at work, partly because I sat down and actually started on my taxes.  But I did get a lot of editing done on Wizard of Pembrook, so it may actually be ready to come out in the spring, which is what I’ve been telling people.  Of course, when I said that, I thought I was being all Scotty (say it will take twice as long so they’re impressed when it’s done ahead of schedule.

A rough idea of what Ella and the panther look like

The rest of the time I was messing around with learning to use Daz Studio.  I may use it for book covers.  That’s one of my early renders.

What my next book looks like now. Sticky notes are my friends!

So, next time will be the Cathedral St Gatien in Tours.

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