Food in Ella and the Panther’s Quest

I’ve found another topic for Ella that doesn’t contain spoilers – food!  Be forwarned, lots of pictures of food in this post, so if you’re hungry, now’s the time to get the Thanksgiving leftovers if you have them.

plat eof salmon

I didn't have a picture of the bastilla, but here's some salmon similar to what she eats at another meal.

I got the idea for the post from Ella’s description of something she eats at her first meal in the manor house, a pastry layered with chicken and cinnamon.  I didn’t mention the name in the book since Ella didn’t know it, but it’s a Moroccan dish called a chicken bastilla, which I ate in Epcot a few years ago.  I couldn’t find a picture,  but I did find a recipe at (a great, unofficial Disney site, link opens in a new window)

chocolate cake with ice cream

As you can see, I do have lots of other food pictures.  That is the chocolate cake I was thinking of whenever Ella has it for dessert, also eaten at Disney World. 

cheese and bread

Food similar to what Charles eats at the castle

Charles doesn’t have nearly as much food mentioned as Ella does, but there is some.  While they’re performing, Phichorian sends him off to buy pasties, which are sort of like a pot pie that’s been stuffed inside it’s crust.  I don’t care for them myself (I still have the little kid dislike of having my food touching each other) but I picked it since it’s a very traditional sort of food preparation.  I learned from watching Rick Steves that Cornish pasties were popular with families of miners since they were easy to bring along and they could hold them by the thick crimping around the edge without washing their hands, eat the part with the filling, and through the crust edge away.

The closest I could find to a pasty, a corn and cheese empanada. It's similar shape, but smaller with a thinner crimped edge

There’s certainly other food mentioned, but those are the things I have pictures for, in other words, the things I’ve eaten on vacation since that’s the only time I take pictures of food.

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