Pictures of Nice, France

I thought I was going to be able to show you the trailer for my next book today, but it’s only half done – no sound yet.  So hopefully next time you will get to see The Wizard at Pembrook.  The book should be out next month, which is what I said in May, but I mean it this time.

Since there’s no trailer, here are some more pictures from France.  They have nothing to do with any of my books, except that they were stored near the ones I wanted for Pembrook, but I thought they looked sunny and summer-y.

A view of the Mediterranean Sea

A closer look

The water really was that blue.  And the beaches in Nice had smallish rocks like that instead of sand, about the size of my hand if I remember right, so everyone had those straw mats under their beach towels to make it more comfortable.


I’m pretty sure this last one is of Nimes, looking down from the nosebleed section of the Roman amphitheater there.  The amphitheater was being set up for an Elton John concert when we were there, but we unfortunately weren’t able to see him, just the wiring.

That was going to be the last one, but since I mentioned the amphitheater, I found one more.

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