Money in Pelimaa (and my other worlds)

I came up with the monetary system I use in my worlds while I was writing Fantasy Kingdom XXI since money was mentioned most frequently there, and I still think of it as Pelimaa’s system, but all of my books so far are taking place in the universe and all the countries there have the same basic system.  I’d like to say there was some deep, socio-economic reason for this, but really I like the system, it’s easy for me to make prices consistent with it, and I’m too lazy to come up with and remember a new system every time I create a new world.  So here is the short explanation.

  • gold coin: main unit the others are all based on, worth roughly $20
  • silver coin: 4=1 gold coin, worth about $5
  • copper coin: 10=1 silver coin, worth about $.50
  • penny: 50= 1 copper coin, worth about $.01

That’s it.  Different countries have coins that look different and may have different nicknames, and there can be different coins between these amounts, for example the book I’m writing now is set in Wallchester, where they have a coin called a rose, named after the design on one side, which is worth 2 silver coins.

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